Universal Life-Force Energy

What is Reiki?

 Reiki is a Traditional Japanese system of meditation and healing. Through its practice, health, wisdom, and peacefulness can be achieved. It is composed of slow movements, visualizations, and breathing exercises. These exercises teach to best feel and use universal energy to heal yourself and others. The benefits include proper breathing, relaxation, and mental clarity. Reiki also relieves stress, improves circulation, and strengthens the immune system. Gendai Reiki Ryoho is a non-invasive Healing Art that can be used alone, or in concert with other forms of medicine to create optimal health. Reiki can be practiced by anyone of any age or ability; there are no restrictions.


Aspects of Training


Students are led through a series of exercises that develop the ability to feel and use Reiki. These exercises also increase students' internal awareness and energies.

Attunements & Certification

This is a process of giving and receiving energy from teacher to student that increases energy circulation and promotes serenity in the mind.

We offer certification in Gendai Reiki Ryoho (Modern Reiki Method). Levels: I, II, III, and Master. Please contact us if you are interested.



These exercises develop a quiet and clear mind, free of stress and fear.


Twelve Healing Positions

This is a method of hands-on healing that treats different positions on the body to heal the internal organs and bodily systems from physical damage and emotional stress.

Healing Treatments

This is a process that uses Reiki energy to heal the body, mind, and spirit from health problems and emotional issues. Reiki is also used to heal life issues and for distance healing.


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